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The Presbytery of Southern New England is 28 congregations, several fellowships, 150 Ministers of Word and Sacrament, with many specialized ministries ... on an exile journey ...
being formed by God's divine hands for
mission in the world.

We are a governing body of the
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) overseeing the Presbyterian congregations and ministers in Connecticut,
Rhode Island, and parts of Massachusetts.

We are one of 22 presbyteries in the
Synod of the Northeast



Hello PSNE!

I began my ministry among you on Tuesday and am grateful to be here.  This week I have begun the process that I expect to unfold over the next few months of building relationships, and getting to know you and the ministries that make up this Presbytery.  I trust that God's Spirit will accompany us in this holy time of newness.  

As you know, my work with you is 3/4 time.  Right now I do not have set days of each week, I am anticipating a flexible schedule that will ebb and flow each week depending on when meetings are and how to best maximize time.  We will be publishing every couple of weeks what this will look like in ​Getting Connected so that you will know where to find me.  I am also very open to ideas and invitations from you for ways to gather together as we get to know each other and share ministry.  

Week of August 1st:  Spending time with staff, Roundtable & COM leadership (Hartford area)
Week of August 7th:  One day remote on administrative work, Roundtable, Personnel, and COM meetings (Hartford and Waterford area)
Week of August 14th:  Visits with Rev. Allison Seed from the Board of Pensions in CT and RI, other visits still in process

I'd love to hear from you as we make plans for the fall, and engage all the activities that will be gearing up around the Presbytery in September.  And I will also be reaching out and calling you!  My email is shannan@psne.org and my cell phone is 732-895-9083.  

In our reading for this Sunday from Matthew's Gospel we hear some of the parables of Jesus.  These are parables of hope, anticipation, newness and transformation.  They are parables of promise and of warning.  As I read and meditate on the the Gospel for this Sunday, it seems to be an apt descriptor for the time we are in as a Presbytery that trusts in the goodness, promise and hope of the Spirit of Christ in our midst.  At its core, each of us in our own way are seeking to be exhibitions of the kingdom of heaven.  But we are not isolated.  We live in a time that is full of the promise of the future and the perils of the present time.  Our deepest role in this moment, I believe, is to dig in deep to the Way of Jesus - to not just live it, but to proclaim it, and to find ways to share it with the communities we are a part of that are in deep need of connection, community and the hope we find in the Gospel and in each other.  

​I am looking forward to the journey of faith that we will take together!



Rev. Shannan R. Vance-Ocampo, General Presbyter
Presbytery of Southern New England





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The Presbytery of Southern New England
P.O. Box 388, Chester, CT 06412
Phone: (860) 388-0874

In case of emergency,
contact Pam Garner at 860/304-9104 (cell)

Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo, General Presbyter
Rev. Jim Glenn, Chaplain to the Clergy, 401/322-9350
Elder Bill Thomas, Stated Clerk, 860/354-3129
Pam Garner, Office Manager/Asst. to EP
, 860/388-0874
Dayle Larson, Financial Secretary, 860/388-0874

Rev. David Van Dyke, Roundtable Co-Chair
Elder Anne Carney, Roundtable Co-Chair
Elder Lisa Baker, Moderator
Rev. Chris Tate, Vice-Moderator
Rev. Paul Terry, Board of Trustees Chair/Pres of Corp.
Elder Tom Taylor, Treasurer

COM Co-Chairs:
Rev. John Merz, 860/247-2437 (office)
Elder Barbara Riihimaki, 860/803-9090 (cell)


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